SMA Continued


Like I said before, Spinnaza restores SMNI back into the motor averons by forcing our copy of SMN2 to SMN1. This won’t restore SMN1 levels to 100 % but it might be enough to gain function. Thats all I want and I believe I can do something with it.

Sigh… Here is the thing, I don’t remember what I wanted to go on about from last week. I did go back and read it but my mind is not on tent page anymore. Besides, this is an exercise for me to do. I try to park my butt for at least 25 minutes and write without any stops.

I feel this is a great way to capture my physical condition and show what Spinnaza is doing to me. However, I am not on Spinnaza and it feels like this is a waste. It would be good to setup a baseline, but it feels demotivating to do this with Spinraza still unknown.

That’s how I’m currently feeling and why l haven’t continued last weeks post. It is also the reason this is all l’m going for today.

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