Can’t Rebuild Without Breaking Down First

I’m really grateful for the help and support l’ve had from Bio-gen! They’ve been with me from the start and have stayed with me through each block or difficulty in this quest. Still, getting it is only the start. What I do while on the drug will be more interesting.

It’s not enough to just be on Spinrana. I have my own theories that I want to test out. To see a positive change in my body I need to get started before I get an Spinraza. I need to put things in motion that cannot be undone…


There are some awesome things happening lately. I can’t go into detail right now sedly. I will! Just not today. I feel it’s important to point out how important it is to focus on the possitive. There have been a lot of times when things have not worked out, but l’ve never given up on the ideas or projects. Be patient for the right time, right place, and more importantly, the right people.

By the time this post goes live l’ll be on my way to my Doctors appointment. Hopefully things will be in motion to get Spinraza. I’m currently trying to figure out what things I can change that will help me get the most out of Spinraza.

The Impossible

Right now I’m thinkin of the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” when it comes to muscles. I’ m wondering if the opposite is true? The trick will be finding ways to force my atrophied muscles to move. Like I said earlier there is something in the works but that will need to wait. It is in my belief that all starts in the mind. Therefore I will start there!

Have you heard of a study where a group of athletes Skip practice and instead think about there exercise for eleven minutes? I have an idea how to do this but I’ll need to work out a few things. More details on that tomorrow. Right now my arm wants to fall off…


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