Technical Triumphs and a Glimpse into the Future of Muscle Regeneration


I’ve been able to make so great progress and have some cool science to share. A bit of tech troubleshooting with some amazing scientific advancements.

Firstly, after several hours at tinkering, the mystery behind my computer’s graphics card issues has been unraveled. The culprit was a significant buildup of dust leading to overheating, coupled with a tricky bug between the graphics card and the Bios. It’s a reminder of the continuous battle against Utah’s dry climate, where static electricity is a constant nemesis, previously claiming my motherboard and nearly taking my graphics card. The high static created a form of electrolysis effect. Instead of dust, there was a build up of this white substance, like white dust and thick. To reduce static I’ve been running two humidifiers. The high static pulls the minerals from the moist air and mineralizes on my items with high static.

On a more exhilarating note, I came across an article on Freethink about a round hydrogel containing gold nanoparticles, developed by the Institute of Basic Science in South Korea. This gel, when combined with electrical stimulation, shows potential for regenerating major muscle injuries. It’s particularly exciting for me, considering the evolution of treatments like Spinraza, which was barely a hypothesis over a decade ago, and now I’m experiencing its benefits firsthand. The possibility that such advancements could further enhance treatments like Spinrazai is thrilling!

Yet, amidst this awesome discovery, I can’t help but feel a bit isolated in my enthusiasm. It seems like these scientific breakthroughs, which are game changers in the field of muscle and nerve regeneration, don’t always get the attention they deserve. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that the idea of effectively treating SMA Seezed distant.

So, as I navigate through tech woes and revel in Scientific progress, I want to emphasies the importance of your thoughts, and what you seek. I look into scientific discoveries for Superpowers and it looks like it’s slowly happening. What are you looking for?

I’m looking forward to what is to come from technology and medical science. Be curious over being doubful.


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