The Ides of March: Navigating Betrayal of Tech and Life with a Stab at Resilience

Friends and Romans, lend me your ears… but mostly your eyes. The past month has been an eventful one! Here’s a quick update and then a few images of me getting stabbed!

When Technology Rebels

Like Caesar’s own Senate, my tech decided to turn againts Me! My main computer had been out of commission due to static and dust. After some deep cleaning, part’s replaced, and troubleshooting, thankfully it’s now fixed! It’s a good reminder of how even small maintenance can have a big impact.

The Job Hunt Odyssey

Unfortunately, I lost my job right after. However, it’s not all bleak-some exciting opportunities are on the horizon. I’m currently exploring these new possibilities and feeling optimistic about the charge.

The Van’s Revolt

After that, the Van had to get some attention. Call back to the importance of small maintenance, due to neglecting the replacement of the break pads, major repairs are needed, but hopefully every thing will be fixed over the weekend.

A Wheelchair’s Quirky Quirks

The static was not done with me yet. It caused the chair to kinda break. The display stop working and it was making a beeping noise. A technician came by to checks it out, but after not finding a the source or a way to fix it the chair gave up the ghost and stop working all together. I am currently in a loaner wheelchair and first time driving a mid-wheel drive.

It’s weird! It feels like I’m drifting without the G’s. It’s also not made for me, so it is VERY difficult to do anything. This post is taking me hours to write due to how I sit. Sadly, the last person to use this chair suffered from incontinence. I’ll let your mind make the connections there, but it makes sense why the wheelchair is yellow…

Spinraza Saga: Ides of March Edition

On this day, the Ides of March, I find a unique connection in sharing images from my Spinraza treatments-a modern-day ‘stab in the back’ but for a beneficial cause. Unlike the original Caesar, I welcome the stab because I’m finally getting Spinraza! The images below detail the precision of the needle’s path.

Feb 6ᵗʰ, 2024

Feb 20ᵗʰ, 2024

Fascinatingly, choosing to forgo lidocaine means I can feel as the needle traverses each layer- a sensation both eerie and enlightening. It’s an intimate dance with my own anatomy, one I navigate with curiosity and awe.

In the spirit of Julius Caesar, I face my own ‘ides’-challenges and transformations-with resilience. Each ‘stab’ whether from life or a needle, shapes a new chapter in my story. Moving forward, it’s about embracing each moment, the triumphs and trials alike, and writing our own epic saga.


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