One thing I learned and am grateful for is to accept things for how they are. It would be so exhausting trying to force everything around me to be wheelchair accessible. I can’t be mad at a friend for living in a house that isn’t accessible. It still hurt’s when there is something I can’t be a part of, but that’s human nature. I’ve learned it’s best to control my feelings, instead of them controlling me! When circumstances change I’ll get to do that.

Best Pizza Place

In high school I got to go on a two week trip to DC. It was one of my favorite experience! DC was very accessible! However it was not perfect, but thats what makes this story awesome! The organizers of the trip had scheduled lunch at a local pizza place. Sadley I can’t remember the name, but it was not wheelchair accessible. I was not bothered and was thinking of finding something near by. Before I could act, the manager had two waiters bring out a table, where three of my friends and I could eat! It was a beautiful day and we got to enjoy a pizza outside! I’m not saying to always expect this, but why waste time with negative energy demanding things to change for you?

Times up. I will get Suster. I will get better.