Achieving The Impossible (Part 2)

There is so much I want to cover but it will be difficult in a short write form. I ‘ve increased the time frone ten to twenty. I still write very slow and this will just keep changing. On the plus side it gives me more content because it spreads out what I had outlined.


Adapting to tech and other assistive tech was fairly easy. Trying to adapt to the world around me was much harder. I learned that I can ‘t forced the world to adapt to me. That meant sometimes I’d have to go without. The wheelchair gave me new levels of freedom, but quickly found out that not every thing is wheelchair friendly.

I’ve tried hard to have people around me to not notice the wheelchair as much as possible. One of my favorite moments was in college. I was talking to a friend about his plans for an upcoming meteor shower. He told me how he and his roommates were planing on watching it from the root of their place. Naturally he felt like inviting me! I noticed his slip so I responded with, “You want me to join you?” He responded with “of course!” And then I clarify, “On the roof?”

My ability to have people forget my wheelchair has to be one of my favorite achievements! Out of time. I will get faster at this…


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