Achieving The Impossible: Milestones Amidst SMA

In my last post I talked about looking at my frustrations as challenges. My first challenge was to master my wheels. These were now my legs and it was important that I controlled them perfectly. It took me a number of years for me to get where it looked Like I had mastered my wheels. I made so many holes my first few years…

Side Note

I have an outline of what I want to write about each day. Sadly I don’t have the stamina for it. I wanted to do this for an hour but that may be to long as is. I ‘m thinking of making this into a freewrite and only keep it to ten minutes_that will be a good physical exercise and it will be a good merita) exercise as well. This might turn the posts into multiple parts, but I’m more interested in getting content out instead. Back to the main topic.

With each hole I learned the dimentions of my chair. I began to be one with it, and making it an extension of my own body. I got to know it’s reaction time. The limits of my wheelchair became my limits. It was my way of becoming more machine than man! Hmm, I now know what Vader felt like learning to get used to his body.

Now For The Hard Part…

Mastery over tech has always been easy for me. Good thing to since my life is very dependant on technology. Well, time is up. We’ll sue the rest has next time.


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