Questions 001

A while ago I set up a way to take questions. I figured I should answer there, even if they come from friends I asked to test the system.

Q 01: Rank the Star Wars movies based on your favorite

Not really a question but it works. I’m going to stick the original six on this will take me years.

The Empire Strikes Back
The Revenge of the Sith
The Return of the Jedi
A New Hope
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones

I might go into detail more in future posts.

Q 02: What is wrong with you?

The same thing that’s wrong with your face!

The question came from a pain in my life. She also sent the next question.

Q 03: Water or grass

Lightning Bug!

Q 04: Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?

Aside from Yoda, Tera Sinube is my next favorite. The things I love most are the things he teaches Ashoka. You should totally watch it if you get a chance. After Master Sinube, it’s Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume. A cave his entire arch! If you haven’t watched Rebels, you’re seriously missing out.

Q 05: When’s the last time you went commando?

This question is from my old roomate Justice. This is accutualy going to be it’s own post and video. Last time I went commando I broke both femurs. I will eventually tell the story and try to do it Justice…

If you have questions or there is something you want me to talk about you can use the link in the navigation menu. The one that says questions. Please feel free to use it.


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