It’s All In The Mind


First I’d like to make a quick mention of where I work for,Nursa. I do Business lntelligence for Nursa, and work with an awesome team. I still have tons to learn, but it’s a learning environment! Without Nursa I would not have the means or Insurance to go through with this adventure of Spinraza.

Special mention again to the Bl team, that makes working at Nursa more awesome. Dallen, David & Dani, you all are awesome!

Mind Games

A few post back I mentioned a study about thinking about exercise for a few minutes. I’m using another app to experiment with this theory. Streaks Workout is my app of choice. The way this app works is perfect for what I want to do. SW gives you options and you can customize workouts too.


Here’s how it works, you select a workout and then the app selects and randomizes a pre set number of exercises. The app then displays a character doing the exercise. My idea is to focus on the image visualizing myself doing the exercise. I chose a preset that is about 12 minutes long. The goal is to do this every day, twice a day. If people got results from 11 minutes, I should see something from 24!

My arms are done. More tomorrow.


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