Wolverine Healing Factor… Not Yet…

My strength is still low so today’s post might be short again. It’s great not getting sick! That will make other things easier and I can focus on the healing factor. I do wish it came as a packaged deal but still very greatfull that it is harder to get sick. One other power I’ve developed is the ability to read minds, few mind, most of you don’t have to worry… yet. But to this one individual; YES, I’m getting the flu shot on Friday!

Back to the Cold

The first time I took a cold shower my body went into shock. All my muscles tensed up and I could not use them. Now it doesn’t phase me. It needs to be very cold to really do anything to me. I still prefer it warm, but the cold doesn’t bother me… anyway!

If you want to try it, follow Wim Hoff, the Iceman. I’m great full for what I learned from his material. It became even more interesting when I tied it back to my studies!

Healing Factor

The ability to heal is very important for my scheme to beat SMA, and you might think Wolverine is my favorite comic book character. Well, no! My goal since I was little was to become Spider-Man! It will happen…

That might sound childish, but who has two thumbs and doesn’t give a crap? ME! Sorry, had to fit in that Bob Kelso quote.

Here’s the thing, I’ve watched science advance so much that it feels silly to limit the possibilities! SMA has gone from not having a treatment to a few! It might be cured fully in my lifetime! There are few who know Spider-Man better than me! Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the movie versions. All three suck! There is far more to Spider-Man than those movies have done! I need to get off of this rant…

Your Focus, Determins Your Reality

Maybe, it’s all a placebo effect. It’s not the cold or diet but it’s what my mind perceives. If that’s the case then that healing factor isn’t far from me. I still sit next to science, It’s coming out with awesome things that make me feel like my finger tips are very close to superpowers. I prefer this view of the world then a dark, broken, and pessimistic one. Who doesn’t want superpowers?!

That rant cost me energy…


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