Wolverine Like Immune System!

I moved to Utah a year ago. When I got here I got covid and was sick for a full week! It’s been over a year and I haven’t gotten sick like that since! I’m not sure what is making me immune to common illness. l’m grateful for whatever happened over the years that gave me this power.


If you follow me on Instagram it might not look it, but I try to be more careful and thougtfall about what I eat. I still have my cheat days and eat garbage junk food, but sure take more pleasure in it! I also try to spread these events further apart. I also try to fast more and limit sugar. These are not huge changes but I believe it helps. Anything that is not the American diet probably helps!

Cold Exposure

The other difference in my day-to-day activity is cold exposure. I started wavings cold showers a few years ago. The first time I did it (not by choice), my body did not like it and could not stop shivering! Now I can take a cold shower and my body doesn’t have the same reaction. The benefits are also amazing! I can be out in the cold, without shivering!

Ugh… My arms are giving out. I’ll finish tomorrow.


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