Streaks Workout

The app comes with 4 preset workouts. They are all time based. They are 6, 12, 18, and 30 minutes. Each selects from a list of 30 exercises. The app is also very customizable, you can add or take away exercises. It also tracks your streak for the week and month.

It’s great that it already had a workout for 12 minutes. and it was called Everyday too! The workout selects 6 out of 30 exercises and then randomly takes you through each exercise. My favorite part is that it has a figure doing the exercise and I imagine myself beign that figure. I imagine myself moving my body like it shows in the app.

Before I can start working on my body I need to start with my mind. This app helps me focus my mind to think and seed the belief of what my body can do, what it should do! I’m of the belief that the mind has more influence over the lady than we give it credit.

The Rise of Superman

In one of my favorite books I came across this line, “Mindset impacts emotion, alters biology, increases performance.” I think I’ll close with that today…


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